Stories from Neighbours on the Green

The short story collection Neighbours on the Green was published in 1889. Eight of the nine stories take place at 'Dinglefield Green', which Mrs Oliphant modelled closely on the real village of Englefield Green, where she often visited friends, and which was near her home in Windsor. The fictional narrator, Mrs Mulgrave, tells the stories of various people living on or near the Green.

Before publication of the collection, these stories had already appeared in periodicals from 1868 onwards. The ninth story 'My Faithful Johnny' may have been included by mistake, as it does not take place at Dinglefield Green, nor is the narrator Mrs Mulgrave. (Therefore 'My Faithful Johnny' is not listed on this page, but is listed under Other Short Fiction.) However there is a true ninth story of Dinglefield Green, which was somehow omitted from the book: 'Norah, the Story of a Wild Irish Girl', included below. The 1874 novel A Rose in June also takes place at Dinglefield Green.

My Neighbour Nelly (1868)
Read at Making of America: My Neighbour Nelly

The Stockbroker at Dinglewood (1868) - not available online

Mrs Merridew's Fortune (1869)
Read at Making of America: Mrs Merridew's Fortune

Lady Isabella (1871)
Read at Making of America: Part I / Conclusion

Norah, the Story of a Wild Irish Girl (1871)
Read at Making of America: Part I / Conclusion

The Scientific Gentleman (1872)
Read at Making of America: Part I / Conclusion

A Rose in June (novel, 1874) - to be available soon

The Barley Mow (1877) - not available online

An Elderly Romance (1879)
Read at Making of America: An Elderly Romance


, 2014/01/05 01:35

It is lovely to read these stories, we live in the cottage that Mrs Musgrove lived in (or to be more accurate Margaret Oliphant rented when she wrote the stories). So little has changed (apart from the characters of course!)

, 2015/08/11 02:45

, 2015/08/17 04:49

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, 2015/09/04 15:05

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, 2016/05/25 16:44

Interesting stories, I will take the time to the entire collection

, 2016/08/04 11:22

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