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Margaret Oliphant on the WWW

(Mainly) Biography / Context

Margaret Oliphant at Discovering Scottish Writers (Scottish Library Association - Jenni Calder)
Writing Scotland: Women Writers at
Margaret Oliphant at
Margaret Oliphant at The Literary Encyclopedia
Blackwood's Magazine Webpage by David Finkelstein
Extensive biographical note at Adam Matthew Publications contextualizing their microfilm collection The Correspondence and Literary Manuscripts of Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897) from the National Library of Scotland
Francis Oliphant(Margaret's husband) entry in the DNB, Vol. 42, “Private Information”, 1895]]
Margaret Oliphant at Women in History of Scots Descent
Margaret Oliphant portrait by (Anthony) Frederick Augustus Sandys at the National Portrait Gallery]]
Biographical article at Enciclopaedia Britannica Online (full text)



, 2012/09/02 18:21

I am reading Miss Marjoribanks which is delightful. Should I go back and read the Carlingsford novels in sequence? Where can I get an accurate listing of them by date issued and are they available in print? Thank you

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