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, 2015/01/16 23:06

When you're driving a rear-wheel drive car, car, then your total transmission system might be found below your automotive, straight behind the place the engine is situated. Left side of the Subaro handbook transmission case.

, 2015/01/16 23:10

Transmission fluid is a clear purple oil that appears something like cherry syrup.

, 2016/03/22 04:15

andconcisediscourse.”Of course!” I said flatly, a rare opportunity it ?????? location next to him and then sat down.He took earplugs, press for a moment MP3, said:. “It.” “I sing” big city small love”Ok.”Sunset light orange sauce through the glass, sporadic hit the desk, on the books, on the floor, a circle halo shining watch. As time unusual and alights on the sound pointer, tick, tick.He sing again…………. Late black hair into a circle / wrapping all your love / detour translucent face / mouth Speak no deception ………… let me out loud to you say / I'm thinking of you / that you return the ticket stubs as a souvenir, do not be afraid to face parting …………Remember the discussion which singers nice that time with you? You say: JJ's voice how so clean, the feeling is difficult to sing. At the moment but I think your voice more clear, gentle, like a spring, like the moon, like the wind.(Fives)After finished the exam, I did not see Yang Fan. Later, I heard that he moved out.The youth dream petals fall, gradually, all gone. Then later, I had a lot of the same table, compassionate, cute, smart, but no ………… Yang Fan.Not that good-looking slender fingers Yang Fan, do not bake delicious purple sweet potato Yang Fan, no unreserved open up to me the Yang Fan, do not sing to me gently in the world ??????Yang Fan is still rotating as ever , but less Yang Fan.ow many people many things, like when you put the disc pressed the fast-forward button, only to catch a glimpseof passing shadow, and even sound are not; some people, some things, in order not to forget, we put up memories of the tower, and once once open arms, jump fall.A year later, at a friend's space to see your photos, that the United States Xi Shan Xi teenager. I heard the voice of spring, I saw a green prairie, like a sea.Xie Xienong.Because Lennon, shut down at the memory, a mood and the sun beat yo slowly growing. Prosperous Seoul, opened the door to another world, we ran back, only to glance at the past time. Today, the road is still unknown, missed have missed, to be cherished walk in hand, to embrace it? Not sure. If the meaning of travel or for ignorance, it has not grown, and now slowly understand life, understand their own, but also a better understanding of every trip is accidental in the inevitable, it should be tried and true, happily , full full.If the youth is really a dream, flash in the pan - may not be afraid, would like to enjoy, willing calm; please cherish, hold, please happiness.

, 2016/03/26 01:47

so I can rest assured. Thank you, in my alone time with me; thank you, I lost time, encouraged me; thank you, I do sad, comfort me. Thank you, I always believe that the other side of rain journey, I forgot to take your umbrella, then Lin Zhaoyu on their way, and then say to others like the rain. The journey of life, this is full of a variety of wind and rain, but it does not matter, after all, all the way have you, let me always never give up. Because no one knows that you are an umbrella under my roof, rain is not open, only to heart together.Sitting lintel early spring, covered with earth to see the sun, the breeze was blowing, thoughts Ripples those who have enlivened and Yue natural, such as mountain springs, softly flowing in the heart. Xu is at home in the mountains next to the reason, do not have to go to the outskirts, will be able to perceive the breath of spring is getting stronger day by day, faint, slow recovery of soil sandwiched grass taste. That Susu fragrance, filling in the tip of the nose. “Dongfeng a letter no see, Lucy micro intended, inter Liu lace.” No matter how you are a calm person, change of season, always more or less affect some of your mood. Especially after a dreary winter, the arrival of spring, always with great joy, a heart always ready to try it in the wake of the emotion in the breed, has spread …… In fact, just the beginning of winter, we are looking forward. The hope, we use a poem to comfort himself: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind.” Cold Spring is over, “bound for the spring carriage” positive galloping. In this way, we seem to spend relatively long, quiet winter depression. After the beginning of spring, the breath of spring began quietly dispersed, and later rain, Waking of Insects, this time is the spring equinox. Feasts procedure before seasonal row, earth warming recovery of all things …… Looking forward, looking forward, finally ushered in the spring of transit, winter goodbye. On weekends, the warm spring breeze, one by one off the winter fat, stretch the muscles, and baby holding a kite string brisk run, good. Under the sun, spring sky, often beautiful, like blue velvet general, very soft very soft look, as people want to wind and Qing Yang, and with the face, hand to touch it. Thus the sky for you, the smile may be very light very light, but enough to have your share of infected people can not help but rejoice. I can not help but, yes, it is not like any impurities. Winter day, you can sink your own; winter nights, you can let yourself fall. But spring, ah, have a kind of night is day upward gravity, a force of life, give you hope, urge you to forge ahead. Of course, spring sky, still will occasionally float sporadic rain, “Spring-thirds Rain” Well. The breeze, often with a hint of the cool chill. However, no longer cold. One day, day after day, bursts of rain moisture, the leaves stretch, playing flower bud, which is getting stronger spring, green dye, hots, love gurgling. Can not help but remember that year between the southern slopes of the forest,

, 2016/05/09 04:30


, 2016/08/04 11:12

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