Kellie Castle

Margaret Oliphant was a descendant of the Oliphants of Kellie. She used Kellie Castle as a setting for both a story and a novel, each based on true events.

'The Heirs of Kellie' - as serialized in Littell's Living Age, April 11-18, 1896. This short story, set in the mid 16th century, tells the story of Mrs Oliphant's ancestor Lady Jean Oliphant, the 'rightful' heir to Kellie Castle and its lands.
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Katie Stewart, A True Story - as serialized in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, July - November 1852. This early novel is set at Kellie Castle in the mid 18th century, many years after the Erskine family had purchased the estate from the Oliphants. The title character is based on Margaret Oliphant's great great aunt. Her publishers the Blackwoods were so enchanted with the tale that their private nickname for Mrs Oliphant was 'Katie'.
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