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Autograph Letters for Sale

Autograph letters from Mrs Oliphant still turn up for sale in the Internet. I wish to track them in this page, where I shall include buying details if available. Whether a seller or a buyer, if you are interested in having an Oliphant letter in your possession mentioned here, please contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Likewise, if you have purchased a letter listed here and you no longer wish it to feature in this section (whether you would like it to remain in private, or whether you generously wish to provide scans and/or a description of the contents for the Letters section), you need only contact me at the same address.

Please note the URLs may no longer be active after some time. I have, however, provided as full a description as possible, so they remain registered here if no scans become available.

Ebay, November 27, 2005

From the autograph collection of Herbert Boyce Satcher, in storage for 50 years until recently sold at a local auction last week: a two-page autograph letter signed by Scottish author Mrs Margaret Oliphant. Tipped in the first edition (London: Macmillan, 1890) of her book Royal Edinburgh - Her Saints, Kings, Prophets, and Poets, also included in the sale. The letter is not dated, but apparently she wrote it after she moved to Windsor in 1865. She wrote the letter on a folded piece of her personal stationery (featuring her emblem, a dragon impaled by a large crossed bearing the banner 'Margaret'). Mrs Oliphant wrote this letter while travelling in France, from the town of Beaulieu (from the Alfes Maritmus Hotel?), on the French Riviera. In the letter she discusses returning to Windsor.
This letter was quoted on sale in Ebay last November 27, 2005. The auction closes next December 7. The seller has included a detailed description with plenty of scans. It has a Buy it Now price of USD 105,50. The URL to this Ebay auction is: Ebay. [URL no longer active]

Abebooks, November 28, 2005

Autograph Letter by Mrs Oliphant signed, to Mr. Craik, sending the first volume of The Second Son, wishing she [sic] could correct the proofs, asking for copies of her [sic] own books, and discussing the proofs of The Makers Of Venice, moving a chapter to another part of the work, etc. Bookseller: Julian Browning Autographs & Manuscripts, London. Price: GBP 65.00. Abebooks. This letter turned up in Abebooks on November 28, 2005. There seems to be a confusion between George Lillie Craik, Macmillan's reader, and his wife, novelist Dinah Maria Craik (née Mulock, a long-time acquaintance of Mrs Oliphant's). It makes sense that the letter was addressed to Mr Craik, as Mrs Oliphant's The Second Son was first published in Britain by Macmillan in 1888, after having been serialised in the American Atlantic Monthly the previous year. The fact that she discusses the proofs of Venice proves the letter to have been written in 1887, when it was first published by Macmillan. The Second Son would be still undergoing serialisation in Atlantic Monthly as she wrote this letter. [URL no longer active]