The Margaret Oliphant Site

Welcome to the new format of the Margaret Oliphant site. My life, the rather limited time I can at present allot to my research and my own changing views on what would be more appropriate in contributing to the Oliphant discussion have led me to think that adopting/adapting the wiki form might prove more enriching than the previous version of this resource.

This space is devoted to the life and works of Margaret Oliphant, or Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant, as she often signed herself. Though I have found a few interesting links on her (check Links) since I began my research, it still is but little and not always organised or homogeneous. My wish in creating this site is to eventually provide a comprehensive introduction to the author and thus to contribute to the recent tide of academic interest in Mrs. Oliphant. Much (almost everything as yet!) is missing as you can see, but this site will be developed alongside my own Ph.D. thesis, as they both share the main subject. I will then be very happy to hear from any one interested in Mrs. Oliphant, whether out of a scholarly interest or not, and will warmly welcome all suggestions, comments and/or contributions.

My warmest thanks to Joan Richardson for her friendship, helpful comments, generous help and for the 'Oliphant cause'! Many thanks and proper credit to Antonio Garcia Dominguez for his technical support in the (re)construction and maintenance of the new site/wiki. I couldn't have done it without you!